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PHIL Supervised Installation for Bottom Dump Trailers is required in an effort to ensure proper commissioning of the equipment. Installation supervisory assistance is available with a minimum of sixteen (16) days notice. Installation time may vary depending upon field conditions.

PHIL Bottom Dump Trailer Field Installation Requirements:

  1. PHIL Bottom Dump Trailer shipped fully fabricated, along with miscellaneous small parts.
  2. Mounting of hitch to truck chassis.
  3. Connect plumbing from truck hydraulic system to hydraulic manifold block located near the kingpin.
  4. Attaching the axle(s) to the trailer along with the rims and tires.
  5. Mounting the trailer to the kingpin hitch.
  6. Connecting the hydraulic, electric and air lines (if required) between the truck / hitch arrangement and the trailer.
  7. Test, validate, and adjust PHIL Bottom Dump Trailer as needed for proper operation.

Customer Supplied:

  1. Truck chassis converted to "tractor mode" for use in pulling PHIL Bottom Dump Trailer. Auxiliary trailer braking (hand brake and foot brake in cab are the responsibility of the customer.
  2. Truck mounted air (pneumatic) system – if required, plumbed to the kingpin hitch.
  3. Location for hydraulic manifold return to hydraulic tank line to plumb into hydraulic tank; nurse tank for added hydraulic fluid per trailers requirements (if needed).
  4. Hydraulic hoses and fittings from truck hydraulic sources to trailer kingpin hitch.
  5. Two (2) service technicians, with welding experience.
  6. Welding equipment as necessary.
  7. Lifting equipment.
  8. Miscellaneous hand tools, pry bars, etc.
  9. O.E.M. body pads, pivot pins, and miscellaneous accessory hardware as needed.

Approximate Installation Time:

The approximate time required to install a PHIL Bottom Dump Trailer in the field would be as follows, depending on product and upon the extend field conditions: 80 – 120 man hours +/-

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