This week the Illinois Chamber of Commerce plans to send letters to all state legislators outlining what they think should be the focus of job recovery. The ideas include reducing the costs of doing business in the state and investing to prepare more qualified workers. It also stresses fiscal integrity and infrastructure investments.

"Without a healthy and growing private sector our state's economy is not going to radically improve," Whitley said...

Is your mine in need of a Lowboy Trailer?

Have you ever needed to move a 1,600 Ton Shovel, but haven't had a way therefore you've been forced to "walk" it across the mine at great time, expense, and wear & tear on the equipment?

Are you fed up with the frustration of hooking up and disconnecting the tow hook from your front-loading lowboy trailers?

If you've answered yes to any of the above, PHIL's Rear Loading Lowboy Trailer could be the answer to your problems! We've just published our newest white paper on "Exploring the High Capacity Rear Loading Lowboy Trailer Difference."

To request a FREE COPY of our 13 page Lowboy white paper, please visit: http://haul.philsystems.com/lowboy-top-10

The entire Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc. family would like to extend Danette Swank, our VP of Internal Operations, our sincere congratulations on being inducted into the 40 Business Leaders Under Forty in Peoria, IL.  To read more on this, click here:

Pit & Quarry magazine, one of the aggregate industry's main publications and sources for news and information, published an article on Luck Stone, a closely held Viriginia aggregates producer and how Tailgates have helped their operations efficiency.

To read the article in its entirety, visit it here: http://www.pitquarry-digital.com/pitquarry/201110#pg30

Once again, PHIL has innovated in a direction where people thought the status-quo was good enough. On Friday, 3/18/2011 the debut of our new lifting system presented everyone present the opportunity to see how all future truck bodies will be lifted. This demonstration was showcased on a PHIL HiVol(R) Oil Sands body designed with PHIL's patented PROFILED LOAD (R) design and custom manufacturing services. They key is, this new method is SAFER, structurally STABLER and offers end users the ability to pickup truck bodies with LESS OVERHEAD CLEARANCE.

For more information, contact Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc. today at +1 (309) 697-9200.


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