AutoGate® Tailgates

  • High-Strength Steel - High-strength steels are used throughout the assembly of the PHIL Autogate Tailgate.
  • Variable Width - Three-piece Autogate Tailgate construction provides for body width compensation on both new and used bodies.
  • Gate Pivot and Pivot Bearing - Unique, simplified pivot arrangement makes for easier installation and its high-strength construction assures you of long performance life.
  • Chain - Employs an exclusive PHIL steel alloy chain stronger than any available standard chain.

PHIL's Autogate® Tailgate works with your off-highway truck insuring full truck utilization. The Autogate Tailgate allows an increased yet balanced load and effectively contains most any material no matter what the incline or road condition. Operation is simple and trouble free. No locks, cylinders or controls to malfunction. Body dumps. The Autogate Tailgate opens.

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