Komatsu Rigid Frame Tailgates

  • Standard Height or built up for Sideboards
  • Fluidic Seals Available
  • Cushion Pads Available

“Exclusive” Philippi-Hagenbuch Autogate® Tailgate designed specifically for Komatsu Rigid-Frame Haul Trucks. Our Patent Pendingdesign maintains the integrity of your Komatsu trucks, meets the criteria established by Komatsu America Corp and provides all the benefits of a traditional, mining-duty PHIL Autogate® Tailgate.

“New patent pending design provides an easy-to-maintain tailgate without the need for roller boxes or ongoing maintenance. As a global leader in off-highway truck customization, PHIL invented the first commercially available tailgate for off-highway trucks in 1969. Over fifty years later, PHIL Engineering continues to listen to feedback from client needs and has spent 18 months in R&D creating this newly available tailgate specifically for Komatsu rigid-frame trucks.

Utilizing a full-width outrigger, the simplicity of PHIL’s Autogate® Tailgate for Komatsu rigid frame trucks is the only tailgate available that maintains the integrity of the Komatsu truck without requiring any welding to the truck frame, which is a requirement of Komatsu America Corp for maintaining their truck chassis warranty.

This updated design provides mining-class robustness through a professionally engineered solution, high-strength steel and the knowledge that PHIL Engineering has worked directly with the truck manufacturer to achieve optimal integration with the truck chassis.

Available for new model Komatsu rigid frame trucks or legacy HD325-7, HD405-7, HD465-7 and HD605-7 models. For customers of that have roller-box versions of tailgates, an “upgrade kit” is available for retrofit of existing tailgates to the new, simplified version.

PHIL Autogate® Tailgates are easy to maintain. This version of tailgate has no grease points, utilizes high-strength fiber bushings that last 3-5+ years depending on the environmental conditions, a high-strength ¾” chain that is custom forged for PHIL that provides strength that is not otherwise commercially available and our proprietary design that provides a maximum opening clearance that is up to 30% larger than alternative tailgates.”

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