Tailgate Options

  • Add capacity
  • Reduce wet material spillage
  • Minimize tailgate bouncing for long life
  • Customize tailgate for unique job requirements

PHIL's Autogate® Tailgates are enhanced with a variety of accessories that assist in additional load containment, increased payload, or the reduction of sticky material carryback.

Options include:

Fluidic Seal
Rubber Cushion Pads
Mud Flap Outrigger Mounts



Recommended to increase volumetric capacity when hauling lightweight material. (Does increase loading height.) Special prices are available for Autogate® Tailgate / Sideboard packages. Available in 1" increments from 6" to 40" in size for almost every make and model of off-highway hault ruck.

Body Seal

Installed on sides of body to help seal space between the gate, sidearms and body sides. Reduces most fine or fluidic material leakage, +/- ¾".

Fluidic Seal

Provides a nearly complete seal (PHIL cannot guarantee a 100% seal; there will be occassional leaks) between the Autogate Tailgate and truck body to haul extremely soupy materials. Our Fluidic Seal uses the body seal components plus additional rubber seal pieces across the bottom and up the sides of the tailgategate rear. Recommended when you need more than a body seal to keep liquid material "in-the-box". Please note - Fluidic Seals are wear parts are will require replacement and additional maintenace to keep working optimally over time. For more information, click here.

Rubber Cushion Pad Assembly

Recommended for underground operations and operations with high road speeds and uneven haul roads. Our Cushion Pad Assembly reduces tailgate wear, bouncing and noise, prolonging the life of tailgates operating in adverse conditions. May be installed on an existing gate or purchased with an Autogate Tailgate.

Mud Flap Outrigger Mount

MOunt to attach OEM Mud Flaps to tailgate outrigger arrangement. This option provides a stable, set location for the mudflap to be mounted  when a tailgate installation or its components would otherwise impact a mud flaps original location.

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