Vehicle Recovery Tool

  • Designed for towing of off-highway trucks and other tired off-highway equipment within a mine
  • Wide stance provides great stability
  • Eliminates the need for a counter weight on the truck chassis
  • Interfaces with a PHIL Lowboy Trailer quickly and easily
  • Provides additional load capacity of PHIL Lowboy Trailers

Safest Method for Pulling Disabled Vehicles

PHIL's patent pending Vehicle Recovery Tool (VRT®) is the safest, most stable way of towing a disabled vehicle within a mine site enivronemnt. The VRT can be used in conjunction with a PHIL Lowboy Trailer, or used independently. When used with a Lowboy Trailer, it acts as a "jeep" or intermediate between the prime mover and the Lowboy Trailer. By utilizing the VRT in this way, it provides additional loading capacity to a Lowboy Trailer, spreading out the weight being carried by the prime mover and the trailer tires, while allowing a greater load to be hauled by the Lowboy Trailer.

When being used as a towing device, the VRT pivots upwards and attaches to the front tow bumper of the disabled vehicle, lifting the vehicles front tires off the ground. Because the VRT has four tires of its own, the weight of the disabled vehicle is being handled by both the prime mover as well as the VRT without the need of a counterweight on the prime mover. With the wheelbase of the VRT similar to that of the prime mover, the unmatched added stability helps to keep the prime mover firmly planted on the ground.

  • Evenly distributed load between VRT and Prime Mover
  • No Counterweight
  • Quick, Safe & Easy to hook up and disconnect
  • Uses standard Caterpillar brakes
  • Constructed of high-strength steel
  • No load on hydraulic system when in "transport" mode 
  • Can be pulled with a haul truck or a track type tractor or wheel loader  


VRT Sizes & Capacities

Haul Truck Maximum Capacity Pulled
Cat 775 100,000 pounds
Cat 777 150,000 pounds
Cat 785 225,000 pounds
Cat 789 300,000 pounds
Cat 793 410,000 pounds
Cat 797 560,000 pounds
Track Type Tractors Capacity 
 Cat D9  
Cat D10  
Cat D11  
Wheel Loaders  Capacity
Cat 990H  
Cat 992K  
Cat 993K  
Cat 994H  


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