Vehicle Recovery Tool

  • Designed for towing of off-highway trucks and other tired off-highway equipment within a mine
  • Wide stance provides great stability
  • Eliminates the need for a counter weight on the truck chassis
  • Interfaces with a PHIL Lowboy Trailer quickly and easily
  • Provides additional load capacity of PHIL Lowboy Trailers

Included as part of each PHIL HiVol® Rear-Loading Lowboy Trailer purchase is Installation Supervision Assistance from our highly trained Installation Specialists.

Field Erection Requirements:

  1. Connect Lowboy sections and components together (all assemblies will be fully welded out and assembled, but spot welding may be required);
  2. Mounting of the rear axles;
  3. Mounting of the tires;
  4. Installation of the Kingpin Hitch to the truck chassis;
  5. Installation of optional equipment in the cab;
  6. Mounting of the Lowboy to the Kingpin Hitch;
  7. Connect hydraulic plumbing;
  8. Connect electric;
  9. Test and validation of the Lowboy Trailer.

Customer Responsibilities:

  1. Two (2) customer specified / supplied hydraulic sources;
  2. Hydraulic hosts and fittings from truck hydraulic sources to trailer gooseneck;
  3. Prime Mover;
  4. Lifting equipment with operator;
  5. Two (2) service technicians with welding experience plus a helper;
  6. Welding equipment if necessary;
  7. Miscellaneous hand tools, pry bars, chains, etc.;
  8. OEM body pads, pivot pins (for hitch mounting) and miscellaneous accessory hardware as needed;
  9. Optional components as discussed and agreed upon during the order.

PHIL Supervisory Assistance:

Installation Assistance is available with a minimum of sixteen (16) days notice and is preferably arranged in advance of the trailer shipment. Installation time may vary depending upon field conditions.

Approximate Installation Time:

The approximate time required to install a PHIL HiVol® Rear-Loading Lowboy Trailer in the field depends on the extent of options, the trailer size and upon the exact field conditions. A typical trailer should take approximately 250 – 350 man hours +/- utilizing purchaser supplied technicians and PHIL installation supervisory assistance.


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