Push Blocks

  • Proven Performer - Each unit is designed and engineered for the specific make and model of articulated or rigid frame truck it will be attached to.

The PHIL Push Block assists clients in pushing or pulling stuck off-highway trucks out of areas where they are disabled due to poor traction.  Our robust design pivots with body movement allowing for full body dumping without interference with the Push Block, yet while in the "body down" configuration, the Push Block is designed to articulate up and come in contact with an under-the-body interface designed to spread the force over a large surface area.

The Philippi-Hagenbuch Push block allows assist pushing on the frame, not body, to prevent body, body mount and hinge and tailgate damage that can occur when using dozers or loaders to dislodge off-highway trucks. The PHIL Push Block provides a stable assembly that transfers rear pushing force directly to the frame. This method of redirecting force assures haulage operations reduced repairs, downtime and associated costs. Designed for simplicity, the PHIL Push Block pivots downward for unobstructed dumping.

The rugged PHIL Push Block is designed for long life and low maintenance on any make or model of articulated or rigid-frame off-highway truck. Versatile value packages that incorporate the PHIL Push Block, Load Ejector and Autogate® Tailgate are available for applications in sticky or gobby materials. The PHIL Push Block and all Philippi-Hagenbuch products are durably engineered for improved haulage economics and backed with quality customer support.

The Push Block is mounted onto the chassis by welding its rear mount to the truck chassis, then pinned into place. The corresponding built-up "strike plate" is welded to the underside of the body to come in contact with the Push Block when it is being pushed, but designed and locaed on the bed so the two do not come into contact with each other when the bed is dumping. The Push Block iteslf is free-floating when the body begins to raise.


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