Rear Eject Bodies for Flyash & CCP's

  • Low Center of Gravity
  • Allows for spreading of material while driving
  • Sized for maximum productivity
  • Available for Articulated or Rigid Frame off-highway trucks
  • Minimizes Material Carryback
  • Ease of maintenance



Designed with the rigors and requirements of power plants, flyash and CCP's in mind, PHIL Rear Eject Flyash Bodies are sized based on the type of CCP being hauled (Flyash, Bottom Ash, Circulating Bed Ash, etc.) to squeeze every last drop of productivity out of the truck chassis. Because the body does not raise, the Center of Gravity stays low to the ground, providing better stability on uneven surfaces prevalent within the power plant environment. Additional advantages allow the operator to spread the material while driving, thus reducing the time required to spread and compact the material.

Whether you dump on the go, have limited dump clearances or just want to dump faster, PHIL's Rear Eject Body tackles your toughest flyash haulage applications and increases your truck's payload and productivity.

With dumping times typically better than rear dump trucks, our Rear Eject Body outperforms all other units by forcibly ejecting all materials, even the stickiest, and reduces carryback, all without raising the truck bed. Our ejector system increases truck stability with a lower load center, allowing trucks to dump in conditions where standard dump trucks would be unstable and unsafe. Dump on downhill slopes, side slopes, and softer underfoot conditions with confidence.

With its easy in-cab controlled operation, our Rear Eject Body spreads the CCP material as it ejects, reducing dozing and spreading workloads. The ejector body employs exclusive ejector guides – no rollers – for fast, smooth, low maintenance ejector operation. Its unique flat floor provides complete material shedding extending floor life.

Designed with a simple hydraulic system, one hydraulic cylinder controls the ejector and tailgate offering the fastest stationary or on-the-go dumping, reducing total haul cycle times. And our Rear Eject Body has only one lubrication point that needs greasing just once a year – no other regular maintenance required.

The PHIL Rear Eject Body is your ideal choice to handle haulage challenges associated with the stickiness and material carryback often found in hauling flyash and other CCP's as well as proving safe footing on sites where overhead barriers such as trees, power lines, overpasses and conveyors inhibit dumping.

PHIL Rear Eject Bodies can be engineered for practically all makes/models of off-highway trucks.


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