Material Spreader Attachment

  • Used in conjunction with PHIL Rear Eject Body
  • Can be built for most ADT's on the market
  • Range in size from 30-50 ton in capacity
  • Moduler and can be taken off Ejector Body during off-season
  • Robust design
  • Grizzly screen can be sized for your material

PHIL's Material Spreading Body  offers an effective solution for spreading crushed aggregate, sand, or other road conditioning material (up to 2" in size) to cover haul roads minimizing slippery underfoot conditions when ice, snow, or other winter conditions warrant. 

PHIL's unique Material Spreading System is comprised of a number of components that work together to create a reliable, self-contained system for hauling and controlling the dispursion of sand.

1. Rear Eject Body
Effectively contains material, designed to gently push the material rearward as it is needed for distribution. When Material Spreading Attachment is not in use, the Rear Eject Body can be used for other material haulage requirements withint he same facility.

2. Material Spreader Attachment
Attached material spreader works in conjunction with ejector body to broadcast through two rotating discs out the back of the body as needed. Speed and flow is driver-controlled from within the cab. A cross-auger within the material spreading attachment works in conjunction with the rear eject blade to provide optimal material to be discharged.

3. Grizzly Cover
(Optional) A robust steel mesh enclosure covers the bed to allow for material to be dumped into the body, minimizing the ability for larger sized material from making its way in, thus providing maximum up-time.

4. Storage Stand
(Optional) Used in the off-months to hold the Sanding Attachment.

The PHIL Sanding Body System can be designed for almost any PHIL Rear Eject Body designed for articulated haulers and is sized accordingly. During the off-season, the Sanding Attachment and Grizzly Cover can be removed and the ejector body can be used within the minesite environment as an additional piece of support or production equipment, further increasing the cost effectiveness of this solution. Additional attacments can further enhance the PHIL Rear Eject Body when the Sanding Attachment is not in use. button req quote


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