• Built of Grade 80 steel (on trucks from 20 to 150 tons in size) and out of 450 Brinell steel for trucks greater than 150 tons in size.
  • Designed with internal structural gusseting to provide a long life.
  • Designed in a "U" pattern so the sideboard fits down over the original body side.
  • One of the easiest methods to increase capacity to an existing haul truck.
  • Sideboards working in conjunction with an Autogate® Tailgate built up for Sideboards offers the best well-rounded solution short of a custom designed body for containing the load of lighter weight materials.


PHIL Sideboards are designed to the specific height requirements of the end user. Traditonally, sideboards range in size from six inches to 36 inches, but can be custom made to be larger depending on the situation.

Installation of sideboards is as easy as fitting them over the existing body sides and positioning them as close to the front slope of the body as possible. Trimming of the sideboards to achieve a snug fit against the front slope is required. Once this is done, the sideboards need to be welded along their perimeter tying them into the body side and front slope.

Sideboard Capacity Chart 

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