HiVol® Flyash Specialty Bodies

  • Built entirely of 450+ Brinell steel for years of body life in the harshest conditions.
  • Designed for your specific material and site conditions to maximize the payload.
  • Works with the patented PHIL Autogate tailgate with an available integrated PHIL Load Ejector to achieve the most efficient and productive haul possible.

PHIL HiVol® Flyash bodies use proven technologies to effectively handle and haul all types of CCP's (Coal Combustion Products). Utilizing properly sized, lightweight, tailgated bodies in conjunction with Load Ejectors for dislodging sticky carry-back, our Flyash body is the industry's top choice. In use at power plants and contractors world wide, the PHIL HiVol Flyash body is the best investment for any operation serious about improving efficiency and boosting productivity.

Due to the size of most PHIL HiVol Bodies, it is often necessary to install them at the end user's facility. Requirements for such installations are below. Two options for HiVol Body Installation are available:

  1. Field installation with Supervisory Assistance
  2. Self installation by customer

Field Erection/Installation Requirements:

  1. Mounting of body to truck chassis
  2. Install tailgate (if applicable)

Customer Responsibilities:

  1. Lifting equipment.
  2. Welding equipment available (if necessary).
  3. Miscellaneous accessory hardware as required.

PHIL Supervisory Assistance

PHIL will provide a working supervisor to assist in commissioning the PHIL HiVol Body for a nominal charge. This installation Supervisory Assistance is available with a minimum of sixteen (16) days notice, and is preferably ordered at the same time as the HiVol Body. Installation time may vary depending upon field conditions.

Approximate Installation Time:

The approximate time required to install a PHIL HiVol Body in the field would be as follows, depending on the number of options, the body size and upon the extend field conditions:

HiVol Body without tailgate: 10 – 20 man hours +/-

HiVol Body with tailgate: 45 – 60 man hours +/-


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