HiVol® Load Profiled® Specialty Bodies

  • PHIL Predictive Load™ Approach models the load to achieve acurate, real-world results instead of theoretical 2:1 heaps
  • Accurately identifies load center of gravity
  • Proper payload capacity without overloading or underloading truck
  • Proper load placement on truck chassis/tires
  • Provide a correct weight distribution based on OEM guidelines

PHIL patented HiVol Load Profiled Bodies are specifically engineered for the unique operating conditions of the specific mine / location they will be working within along with their unique requirements to maximize payload and productivity. Whether you're hauling overburden, ore, rock, oil sands or other materials of varying densities, PHIL HiVol Load Profiled Bodies are tailor engineered for full truck utiliization.


Today's market demands high-performance equipment to yield maximum productivity and profits. Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc. off-highway truck bodies outperform the rest to keep your operation on track.

With every PHIL truck body, you get:

Maximum Payload

PHIL truck bodies are specifically engineered to minimize body weight and maximize payload.

Safest Operation

Each truck body is built with the lowest loading height, lowest center of gravity and best weight distribution for excellent stability and safer operation.

Widest Selection

We build truck bodies for virtually any material hauled and for any make/model of off-highway trucks. No matter what your application, we have a truck body to make the most of your investment dollars.

Load Profiled Body interacts more favorably with truck chassis in how it relates to load placement

  • Proper loading of all chassis components at full GVW utilization
  • Typically lower tire costs
  • Typically lower loading heights
  • Load Profiled Body interacts more favorably with truck chassis
  • Reduces chassis loading impacts
  • Reduces potential for off center loading

PHIL Load Profiled Bodies vs. so-called "Alternative" bodies

Loading impact (chassis/body life)

  • PHIL Load Profiled bodies have the lowest loading impact available

Loading height

  • PHIL offers a lower loading height making it easier on loader operators

Load center of gravity

  • PHIL engineers strive to design bodies with the lowest center of gravity available


  • Trucks with PHIL Load Profiled Bodies typically have longer tire life


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