HiVol® Oil Sands Specialty Bodies

PHIL Engineers designed a body specific to the Oil Sands market after spending hundreds of hours at mine sites researching, analyzing and discussing with key-site personnel the unique mining conditions they experience and what it would take to create a true "Oil Sands Specific" truck body.

As such, we have developed and built truck bodies that:

  • Maximizes Payload
  • Minimizes Loafing
  • Utilizes unique hydrophobic steel to minimize carryback
  • Engineered for Ultra-Class haul trucks
  • Purpose Built
  • Operator Safety "Built In"
  • Includes our integrated patent pending Body Lifting System


PHIL has developed and built Oil Sands® Specific Truck Bodies that: 

Every PHIL HiVol® body is customized for the unique operation in which it will work.  To date, PHIL has designed over 2,500 unique truck bodies which range from 10-ton articulated haulers used in the underground mines of Estonia to ultra class haulers operating in some of the largest open pit mines on the globe.

PHIL Oil Sands Bodies - Constructed with ultra-high stregnth, abrasion resistant steels. Our HiVol bodies are constructed of steel with a nominal yield of 180,000 psi with a corresponding nominal Brinnell hardness of 450+.

Balanced Load - Our HiVol Bodies for lighter density materials are engineered to provide an ideal load balance of 1/3 on the front axle and 2/3 on the rear axle.

Today's market demands high performance equipment to yield maximum productivity and profits. Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc. off-highway truck bodies outperform the rest to keep your operation on track.

With every PHIL truck body, you get

Maximum Payload

PHIL truck bodies are specifically engineered to minimize body weight and maximize payload.

Safest Operation

Each truck body is built with the lowest loading height, lowest center of gravity and best weight distribution for excellent stability and safer operation.

Widest Selection

We build truck bodies for virtually any material hauled and for any make/model of off-highway trucks. No matter what your application, we have a truck body to make the most of your investment dollars.


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