HiVol® Sealed Specialty Bodies

  • Hooded Autogate® Tailgate - Effectively contains material, insuring minimal dusting and spillage while in transit. The tailgate operates mechanically with no operator intervention – operation is simple and trouble-free.
  • Dust Hood and Dust Skirt - Attached hood and skirt works with the Autogate® Tailgate to further reduce dusting and spillage when dumping material.
  • Tailgate Seals - Compressible rubber seals are located around the Autogate Tailgate opening providing an adjustable, positive closure. Tailgate actuation is accomplished with links that control the raising and lowering of the tailgate, creating a positive sealing effect when closing.
  • Top Cover - Full-length body top cover vertically extends the body sides and is equipped with a rotating steel lid that hydraulically opens for loading material into the body, closing securely for material transport. Hinged lids and lids that allow for loading with a front-end loader are also available.

PHIL's Sealed Body System offers an effective solution for reducing airborne dust and dust spillage as material is transported and dumped, especially important in operations where extremely fine material is hauled. Our Sealed Body System is comprised of a number of components that work together to create a reliable, self-contained system for hauling and controlling fine material.

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