Rear Eject Trailers for ADT's

  • Sized for the material being hauled and the truck's maximum capacity that can be pulled.
  • Safe and stable footing with a low center of gravity; extremely important for under prepared ground.
  • Utilizes PHIL's unique 6-way kingpin hitch
  • Typically doubles the payload of a traditional truck body on an articulated truck.
  • Height and width are dependent upon site requirements and limitations.
  • No rollers or required lubrication points; maintenance is minimal.
  • Ejects material off of the rear, eliminating the need to drive over the ejected material with the rear trailer tires.


PHIL Supervised Installation for Rear Eject Bodies is required in an effort to ensure proper commissioning of the equipment. Two options for Rear Eject Body Installation are available:


PHIL will provide a working supervisor to assist in commissioning the PHIL Rear Eject Body for a nominal charge. This installation supervisory assistance is available with a minimum of sixteen (16) days notice. Installation time may vary depending upon field conditions.

PHIL Rear Eject Body Field Installation Requirements:

  1. PHIL Rear Eject Body shipped assembled, along with miscellaneous small parts.
  2. Mounting of body to truck chassis.
  3. Mounting of hydraulic manifold to truck chassis.
  4. Connect plumbing from truck hydraulic system to hydraulic manifold and rear eject body cylinder.
  5. Test, validate, and adjust PHIL Rear Eject Body as needed for proper operation.

Customer Supplied:

  1. Location for hydraulic manifold return to hydraulic tank line to plumb into hydraulic tank.
  2. Hydraulic hoses and fittings from truck hydraulic sources to hydraulic manifold/valve.
  3. Hydraulic hoses from hydraulic manifold to rear eject body cylinder.
  4. Two (2) service technicians, with welding experience.
  5. Welding equipment as necessary.
  6. Lifting equipment.
  7. Miscellaneous hand tools, pry bars, etc.
  8. O.E.M. body pads, pivot pins, and miscellaneous accessory hardware as needed.


Factory installation of the PHIL Rear Eject Body to truck chassis is the easiest form of installation. Installed price includes miscellaneous hoses for a nominal charge per PHIL Rear Eject Body. Pivot pins and body pads are the responsibility of the purchaser.

PHIL Rear Eject Factory Installation Procedures:

  1. Purchaser supplies truck/chassis to PHIL factory.
  2. Mounting of body to truck chassis.
  3. Mounting of hydraulic manifold to truck chassis.
  4. Supply and connect plumbing of rear eject body to hydraulic manifold and chassis hydraulic system.
  5. Test, validate, and adjust PHIL Rear Eject Body as needed for proper operation.
  6. Chassis with Rear Eject Body ships to customer's preferred location (F.O.B. Peoria, IL).
  7. PHIL installer visits end user location for commissioning of unit and installation of O.E.M. body pads and pivot pins.

Approximate Installation Time:

The approximate time required to install a PHIL Rear Eject Body in the field would be as follows, depending on product and upon the extend field conditions:

Standard Capacity Articulated Rear Eject: 20 – 35 man hours +/-

HiVol® Refuse Rear Eject: 35 – 45 man hours +/-

HiVol Scrap Steel Rear Eject: 35 – 45 man hours +/-

HiVol Underground Rear Eject: 20 – 35 man hours +/-


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