Water Tanks

  • Built for Safety - Extensive internal longitudinal and cross baffling and a unique flat-style top.
  • Superior Tank Construction - Built from unique corrosion-resistant high strength steel with a nominal yield of 180,000 psi with a corresponding nominal Brinell hardness of 450+.
  • Rear-mounted spray heads - Include horizontal sprays, optional vertical sprays.
  • Spray heads have infinitely variable flow settings - Normal to narrow, for added flexibility and easy maintenance.
  • Independently Operated Spray Heads - Run one, all, or any number in between to meet your needs.

With the PHIL patented HiVol® Water Tank, you can easily convert your haul truck into a water truck that can typically spray the entire width of your haul road in one pass. Our Water Tank provides maximum capacity and stability. PHIL engineers and builds Water Tanks for any make/model of off-highway truck to assist with dust suppression, fire protection, road construction, washdown and other applications. Designs are also available for insulated tanks used in cold weather climates and for ice road construction.

water rigid


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