PHIL's J-Hook Container Handling System, designed and manufactured with simplicity in mind, features a hydraulically operated J-Hook made of 450 Brinnell high strength, impact and abrasion resistant steel. PHIL's J-Hook arrangement is custom manufactured to fit most articulated off-highway truck chassis in a multitude of applications within steel mill, power plant, mining and demolition site operations.

Custom chassis lengthening provides an alternatives to operations that wish to use standard roll-off containers, that would normally be prohibative to use with on a standard-length articulated truck chassis. Once a container design and length has been determined, PHIL can recommend the length a chassis should be lengthened to create an optimal weight distribution and angle for picking up / dumping and un-loading of containers.

The PHIL J-Hook is a fully automated system that can utilize specialized containes in conjunction with a hydraulically operated J-Hook while offering a safer alternative to conventional container handling arrangements. Alternatively, it can be designed to work with standard-length containers, updated with PHIL Auotgate® Tailgate arrangements to fully seal the contents of the load into the container during the dumping process.

When paired in conjunction with our Autogate® Tailgate modified containers, PHIL's J-Hook system allows the truck operator to safely pick-up, dump and drop-off containers without leaving the cab. Its heavy-duty design is ideal for handling a large number of container loading/unloading cycles per hour.

In addition to containers, this system works well with Flat Beds, Coil Carriers, Block Handlers, Log Carriers, Skid-Mounted Tanks and can easily function as a Multi-Tool Handler.

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