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Hydrophobic Steel Liners by Crodon

Sticky Material isn't fun and carryback costs mines millions of dollars a year in lost opportunity. To counter this, PHIL uses a unique version of hydrophobic steel strategically in our HiVol® bodies called Crodon.

Because material tends to start in the corners, we often line the front slope to body side corner gussets with Crodon and then selectively in other locations depending on the severity of carryback found at that specific mine.

For information on a Hydrophobic Liner Kit custom designed for your haul trucks, contact PHIL Sales at (800) 447-6464 today.


  • Strategically placed.
  • Proven Material - In use in Oil Sands, Coal and Hard Rock / Ore Mining environments.
  • Can be implemented practically anywhere that material carryback is present.
  • Perfect for dislodging flyash.
  • Safe alternative to manually cleaning truck beds out each night.