For over four decades, companies large and small have come to Philippi-Hagenbuch for innovative solutions in a variety of industries. With such a diverse client base, you might be surprised to discover that there is a common thread, a common reason they turned to us for assistance in making a great product even better.

Our inventiveness. We've taken great care to craft a solution that works well for the client, not only in the actual process, but in every aspect of their contact with what we create. After all, a piece of machinery that performs well is only as good as it is able to be maintained.

We have a very broad understanding of, and experience within, the various industries we serve, and have a firm grasp of their niche concerns and needs. We develop unique and innovative solutions that help them get the most out of the tools they use to get the job done, and in many instances, our past clients will actually approach us before purchasing a new piece of machinery to find out what we can do to help them make that machine even more efficient than it is out of the box.

At Philippi-Hagenbuch, we also love a challenge. Engineering is at the heart of what we do, and a craft we take great pains to perfect in every project taken on by our team. What others consider improbable or impossible, we tackle with great enthusiasm. We work hard to push our craft to the limits, and that has rewarded us greatly in the past. We feel if you're not striving forward, you're falling behind, and frankly, we prefer to be the ones making the difference for our clients.

Innovation, understanding and can-do attitude. That's why you should "Buy PHIL."


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