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Volvo A60H RE Iso

May 12, 2022 - Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc., a global leader in off-highway truck customization, has expanded its rear eject engineering capabilities to include the largest articulated haul truck on the market, the Volvo A60H. These trucks feature a body volume of 43.9 cubic yards with a 2:1 heap ratio, making these rear ejects 50 percent larger than the most common rear eject bodies available.

In partnership with G.W. Van Keppel, a dealership based in Kansas City, Missouri, Philippi-Hagenbuch shipped its first two rear eject bodies for Volvo A60H trucks to a mine in Oklahoma. Each of these rear ejects features an interior width of 156 inches and a loading height of 148 inches and is built exclusively out of high-strength, abrasion-resistant Hardox® 450 steel for exceptional life and to handle the extremes they are put under within mining environments.

“Philippi-Hagenbuch is committed to detail in design, professionally engineering their products, understanding the applications and using only the best steel. This makes them a great partner to provide strong and durable haul truck solutions that help our customers maximize their efficiency,” said Taylor Killion, general sales manager, G.W. Van Keppel. “We were confident in PHIL’s experience and ability to take on this project and produce a custom solution that would meet this client’s objectives.”

Philippi-Hagenbuch has custom-engineered hundreds of rear eject bodies for a variety of makes and models of off-highway haul trucks to increase productivity, safety and stability for many operations. With Philippi-Hagenbuch rear eject bodies, operators can effectively and safely discharge material without having to stop and raise the truck bed, even when the truck is out of position, driving up a hill or under overhead barriers with low clearance. Operators control the ejector blade to push material out of the body while the tailgate mechanically lowers. Rear ejects effectively dump even the stickiest material, further improving hauling efficiency by reducing carryback.

“We have complete trust in our engineering and manufacturing capabilities, which gives us confidence to take on projects that other companies may shy away from,” says Josh Swank, Philippi-Hagenbuch vice president of sales and marketing. “In the past, we have engineered even larger rear eject bodies and trailers, so we are no strangers to projects of this size. The PHIL team works closely with each client to understand their application and specific needs, while simultaneously working with the dealer to achieve their priorities and the OEM to interface our equipment with their haul truck seamlessly. For this new entry to the haul truck market, we have created a new standardized solution for the Volvo A60H that can be easily implemented for other clients in varying industries.”

Philippi-Hagenbuch recently updated its rear eject technology to include a newly engineered single, three-stage, double acting hydraulic cylinder that is robust enough to keep its rear ejects operating in extreme cold or in equatorial warm-weather locations. This cylinder was specifically designed for horizontal movement so it will not buckle or bind when it is fully extended while operating in a variety of dynamic environments.

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PEORIA, Illinois — Philippi-Hagenbuch Inc., the Peoria, Illinois based specialty manufacturer of off-highway truck enhancements, continues innovating in their fifth decade.

by Josh Swank

In early June 2015, Dick Smith, the host of "Playmakers Radio Show" sat down with Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc. co-founder and chief engineer LeRoy Hagenbuch and company president Danette Swank to discuss the company, sucession and more.

by Josh Swank

A new product has been added to the PHIL fleet of equipment in 2016 in the form of an attachment to our existing line of rear eject bodies. The PHIL Material Spreader attaches to the rear of a PHIL Rear Eject Body and broadcasts 2" and smaller material up to 60' in distance.

by Abby Meister

Josh Swank, PHIL's Vice President of Sales & Marketing, has been working in the mining industry since 2000 and has been with Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc. since that time. Over the course of his time in the industry, he has gained great insight in customer service - specifically, what it means to truly listen to what customers are saying and to work tirelessly to find solutions to their problems. The PHIL Material Spreader was an idea that began to formulate after talking with a customer. Here are his responses to some questions we asked him.