Our Beloved Pat Hagenbuch 1942 - 2021

Body Tie-Back + Lifting Cables

Improving Safety & Reliability with Advanced Body Tie-Back & Lifting Cables

Lightweight & Easy to Handle

1/3 - 1/2 typical wire weight using Plasma(R) fiber and high performance materials. Easily handled with no kinking or twist fighting, no wire fishhooks, no water or debris absorption and no freezing.

Shackle Free with Self Contained Hardware

Shackle free, tool free, self contained pin system with quick connect / disconnect features. Eliminate the need for a second person, shackles, tools or any connection hardware to handle. Purpose engineered to mitigate improper setup, misuse, and wasted costs through the patent pending design.

Advanced Inspection for Overload & Wear

Three layer system is designed to indicate wear from the outside in, allowing the operator to visibly inspect critical components for breakdown. Clear, objective go/no-go inspection that includes multi-stage cable wear indication, a fiber inspection window, and overload indication (patents pending).

Advanced Fiber Protection

Fibers are shielded from typical damage in the most critical areas through metal encasements and straight-pull only design - mitigating potential for unknown fiber damage that commonly occurs from sharp bends, edges, unknown burs, twists, etc. Fiber core is further protected by an advanced 2X jacket that resists harmful elements such as welding sparks, cuts, abrasion, debris, chemical splash, etc.

Misuse Prevention & Engineered Safety

Purpose engineered to mitigate the potential for typical operator misuse. Further designed to typcially indicate gross misuse and / or abuse - helping warn operators that the product should be pulled from service.

Designed to interface between PHIL Bodies & OEM Trucks and work with patent pending PHIL Body Lifting System

Whether you need replacement body tie-back cables for your OEM bodies or to interface between your PHIL HiVol(R) Body and the OEM chassis, we can assist you in getting the length and style that will work correctly for your needs.