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Our Beloved Pat Hagenbuch 1942 - 2021

Replacement Parts

Only use genuine Philippi-Hagenbuch replacement parts in your PHIL products


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Genuine Parts Make The Difference

Parts made by Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc. are guaranteed to fit your product perfectly. With over 20,000 products shipped since 1969, PHIL has a large number of designs, which require many different parts. We recommend you contact us to get the parts you need to keep your PHIL equipment working as efficiently and safely as possible.

Not All Chain is the Same

The chain that PHIL provides with our Tailgates, Rear Eject Bodies, Load Ejectors, and other products is uniquely forged for the intense work that our equipment is engineered to work within. Alternative commercially available chain simply does not hold up to the same rigors as the PHIL chain. How do we know? We work with the best chain manufacturer globally to create proprietary metallurgy of chain, for use in our mining equipment.

Be Prepared With Product Info For Efficient Service

Due to the large number of products we have engineered and manufactured since 1969, not each part is the same. When contacting PHIL Sales for your parts needs, it would be helpful if you can provide the part number(s), Layout # of the drawing, or Product Serial Number. With this information, PHIL Sales will be able to pull up the specific order of your product and provide the best service and information possible for your parts needs.