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Our Beloved Pat Hagenbuch 1942 - 2021

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Is your mine in need of a Lowboy Trailer?

Have you ever needed to move a 1,600 Ton Shovel, but haven't had a way therefore you've been forced to "walk" it across the mine at great time, expense, and wear & tear on the equipment?

Are you fed up with the frustration of hooking up and disconnecting the tow hook from your front-loading lowboy trailers?

If you've answered yes to any of the above, PHIL's Rear Loading Lowboy Trailer could be the answer to your problems! We've just published our newest white paper on "Exploring the High Capacity Rear Loading Lowboy Trailer Difference."

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PHIL has engineered and produced an updated heavy duty version of our industrial strength J-Hook for a steel mill in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. This unit was designed for operation on a Komatsu HM400-2 off-highway articulated truck chassis and will be used for hauling containers full of scrap steel around the mill.

A video of this new product is available on YouTube and can be accessed via the link below.

Watch J-Hook video on YouTube here