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Bottom Dump Trailers

Custom trailers are a PHIL specialty. Our Bottom Dump Trailers are available in either Clamshell Door or Sliding Floor configurations. Extremely durable and robust; the axle's used are manufactured by Caterpillar and incorporate their world-class hydraulic-cooled braking system. Integrated push block on the back and material strike-off blades are options, as are just about anything else you can dream of. Contact us to discuss how we can craft a Bottom Dump Trailer for your exacting needs.

Clamshell Door or Sliding Floor

Engineered to Maximize Truck Capacity

Built For Your Purpose

Pulled by Articulated or Rigid-Frame Truck

Average Life = 25+ Years

Simple & Easy To Maintain

Each PHIL HiVol® Bottom Dump Trailer is specifically engineered for our client's unique applications. Whether you dump on the go, stockpile into winrows, have limited dump clearance, are hauling corrosive materials or simply want to maximize your payload, safely, PHIL's HiVol Bottom Dump Trailer's are one of the best ways to maximize truck utilization for increased productivity available. Available for most makes & models of off-highway trucks.

With dumping times that are in line with or better than end-dump bodies, our Bottom Dump Trailer is built to last. In fact, the average lifespan of a PHIL Bottom Dump Trailer is 25+ years.

With its easy in-cab controlled operation, our Bottom Dump Trailer can dump material as it is driven or while stationary, reducing dozing and spreading workloads. The trailer employs PHIL's exclusive door control mechanisms open both clamshell doors simultaneously via our over-center locking mechanism that utilizes only one single cylinder. And when the doors are open, or closed, there is no load placed on the cylinder itself, reducing maintenance concerns.

Designed with a simple hydraulic system, one hydraulic cylinder controls the door mechanisms offering the fastest stationary or on-the-go dumping, reducing total haul cycle times.

PHIL Bottom Dump Trailers are your ideal choice to handle haulage challenges associated with large quantities of material movement in road construction, power plant, heavy-duty agriculture, and mine reclamation on sites where overhead barriers such as trees, power lines, overpasses, pipelines and conveyors inhibit dumping.

PHIL Bottom Dump Trailer can be engineered to fit most makes/models of off-highway trucks and applications.