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Water Tanks

With the PHIL patented HiVol® Water Tank, you can easily convert your existing or new off-highway haul truck into a water truck that can typically spray the entire width of your haul road in one pass. Our Water Tank provides maximum capacity and stability without sacrifice. PHIL professionally engineers and builds Water Tanks for any make/model of off-highway truck to assist with dust suppression, fire protection, road construction, washdown, and other applications without the need to modify the chassis. Insulated and Heated tanks are available for cold weather climates and for use ice road construction when conditions reach as cold as -40F/C.

Built for Safety

Extensive internal longitudinal and cross baffling system with integrated side-surge stabilizers and a unique flat-style top.

Superior Tank Construction

Built from unique corrosion-resistant high-strength steel with a nominal yield of 180,000 psi with a corresponding nominal Brinell hardness of 450+.

spray heads

Rear horizontal spray heads are included, and optional side, vertical, or front spray heads are available.

Easy & Safe to Access

Patented external and internal doors provide easy, safe access to the inside of the tank, minimizing confined space concerns.

Analog Control System

Designed in-house and easy to service and maintain - Run one, all, or any number of water dispersion options to meet your needs.

Manufactured in the USA since 1969

Family owned, Family ran, Professionally engineered, Manufactured in-house.

For the safest, biggest, most stable and trouble-free water tank, you can't go wrong with a PHIL HiVol® Water Tank. It stays planted on its feet!

We build our HiVol® Water Tanks from 6,000 to 60,000 gallons + for all articulated and rigid frame off-highway trucks to assist with dust suppression, fire protection, road construction, wash down, and other applications.


We consider safety paramount, which is why we build safety into every facet of our tank design.

The interior of our HiVol® Water Tank is engineered to minimize confined space issues. Our patented external/internal access door system incorporates front and rear bulkhead access man doors, top of tank access points, and built-in interior access baffle doors. This allows safe, easy internal access so you'll move easily throughout the tank interior with unrestricted passage from front-to-rear.

The tank's external construction includes a unique flat top tank. Sloped at only 1 1/2 degrees, this basically flat top minimizes the chances of losing one's footing. In addition, our exclusive lifting eye design provides precise placement for perfect balance when raising the tank.


We build our HiVol® Water Tanks using the highest strength, most abrasion resistant and corrosion resistant steel available. In fact, the steel we use is five times stronger than ordinary mild steel and a minimum of three times stronger than steel typically used in water tanks. Use of this higher strength steel ensures you'll receive a tank with the lowest weight and greatest water carrying capacity.


Our patented fluid tank baffling system ensures solid vehicle control in any application. This exclusive anti-surge stabilizing system provides front-to-back baffling and a full-height/full-length center Bacbone™ structure. Internal baffling, in conjunction with the internal fluid surge stabilizers, minimizes side-to-side fluid movement for maximum vehicle stability at all normal haul road speeds.

The tank support structure consists of an exclusive exterior frame rail and cross bolster tank-to-chassis mounting system that parallels the truck chassis frame for a lower center of gravity. This ensures uniform chassis loading while providing a solid foundation for the tank-to-chassis interface. We use 165,000 psi minimum yield steel to provide the strongest, best subfloor structure on the market.


Our HiVol® Water Tank comes equipped with an in-cab controlled water cannon that allows the dispersement of water from 150 to 200 feet with absolute control and accuracy. Long-wearing, specialized spray heads are rear-mounted and operate independently so you can run one, all, or any number in between to meet your needs. The entire tank plumbing system utilizes off-the-shelf Victaulic®/Gruvolk® style fittings throughout for easy maintenance.

The water pump system employs an exclusive "Soft-Start/Soft-Stop" single combination hydraulic valve that allows you to safely start and stop the water pump at any engine RPM. If you need to suddenly turn the water on at full throttle, this system makes it possible to do so without causing damage to your pump.

The tank's exclusive "Variable Volume" adjustment allows you to adjust the water volume of the tank with a simple adjustment. On days when less water is required for controlling dust, etc., the water tank can be "downsized" to a lesser, pre-adjusted volume. Switching from full volume to a lesser volume is easily accomplished in less than five minutes.

Features & Options

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