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Our Beloved Pat Hagenbuch 1942 - 2021

Lowboy Trailers

Our revolutionary Rear-Loading Lowboy Trailer may very well prove to change the landscape of how large open-pit mines operate. The trailer can be attached to the prime mover with our standard 6-way kingpin hitch or our optional Vehicle Recovery Tool (VRT) for safe, quick and easy mounting. Our lowboy trailer design features swift loading and unloading of equipment in an extremely safe method with automatic locking and unlocking rear axles that swing out of the way. Targeted loading and unloading time is between 15-20 minutes, freeing up valuable time to do what miners do best – mine. We offer models with capacities that range from 300 to 2,000+ Tons in size.

Rear Loading

Load / Unload in 15-20 minutes

Standard hydraulically operated ramps

Minimal circuitry or hydraulics to maintain

Simple to operate

Infinite customization options available

Modularized design allows for hassle-free assembly

Custom Sized & Configured

All PHIL Lowboy Trailers are custom sized to our clients requirements based on the hauling capacity of the prime mover arrangement and whether or not a Vehicle Recovery Tool (VRT) is used in conjunction with the trailer. Below is an example of typical size ranges of our trailers, however just about any configuration and capacity is available.

Lowboy Trailer Size

Equipment 300 - 400 Ton 450 - 600 Ton 600 -750 Ton 800 - 1500 Ton 1,600 - 2000 Ton
Atlas Copco PV351        
Cat / Bucyrus 59R        
P&H 320XPC        
Caterpillar 994F        
Komatsu WA1200/3        
P&H Loader / LeTourno L1850 L2350      
Haul Trucks          
Caterpillar 785 793   797  
Hitachi   EH3500 EH5000    
Komatsu HD1500-7 830 930 960  
Liebherr       T282B  
Unit Rig MT 3600B MT 4400 MT 5500 MT 6300AC  
Hydraulic Shovels          
Caterpillar 6018 6030, 6040  6050, 6060 6090   
Hitachi EX2500 EX3600  EX5500 EX8000   
Komatsu PC3000 PC4000  PC5500  PC8000  
Liebherr R9250, R994 R9350, R9400  R995  R996, R9800  
O&K / Terex RH120C RH120E, RH170  RH200, RH340 RH400   
Electric Shovels          
Bucyrus 15M 182M, 195   295 395, 495
Caterpillar   7182    7295 7395, 7495
P&H 1600CL 1900AL   2300XPB, 2800XPB 4100XPB/C
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