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Rear Eject Trailer Installation

PHIL Supervised Installation for Rear Eject Trailers is required in an effort to ensure proper commissioning of the equipment. Installation supervisory assistance is available with a minimum of sixteen (16) days notice. Installation time may vary depending upon field conditions.

PHIL Rear Eject Trailer Field Installation Requirements:

  1. PHIL Rear Eject Trailer shipped fully fabricated, along with miscellaneous small parts.
  2. Mounting of hitch to truck chassis.
  3. Mounting of hydraulic manifold to trailer hitch arrangement.
  4. Connect plumbing from truck hydraulic system to hydraulic manifold.
  5. Attaching the axle(s) to the trailer along with the rims and tires.
  6. Mounting the trailer to the kingpin hitch.
  7. Insertion of the Ejector Blade (if unable to ship with ejector in place due to height restrictions).
  8. Connecting the hydraulic, electric and air lines (if required) between the truck / hitch arrangement and the trailer.
  9. Test, validate, and adjust PHIL Rear Eject Trailer as needed for proper operation.

Customer Supplied:

  1. Truck chassis converted to "tractor mode" for use in pulling Rear Eject Trailer. Auxiliary trailer braking (hand brake and foot brake in cab are the responsibility of the customer.
  2. Truck mounted air (pneumatic) system – if required, plumbed to the kingpin hitch.
  3. Location for hydraulic manifold return to hydraulic tank line to plumb into hydraulic tank; nurse tank for added hydraulic fluid per trailers requirements (if needed).
  4. Hydraulic hoses and fittings from truck hydraulic sources to trailer kingpin hitch.
  5. Two (2) service technicians, with welding experience.
  6. Welding equipment as necessary.
  7. Lifting equipment.
  8. Miscellaneous hand tools, pry bars, etc.
  9. O.E.M. body pads, pivot pins, and miscellaneous accessory hardware as needed.

Approximate Installation Time:

The approximate time required to install a PHIL Rear Eject Trailer in the field would be as follows, depending on product and upon the extend field conditions: 80 – 120 man hours +/-

Each PHIL patented Rear Eject HiVol® Trailer is specifically engineered for each client and their unique applications. Whether you dump on the go, handle hard to dump sticky materials, have limited dump clearance, want to increase your payload or just want to dump faster and safer, PHIL's Rear Eject HiVol Trailer's maximize truck utilization for increased productivity. Available for most makes & models of off-highway trucks.

With dumping times that are in line with or better than end-dump bodies, the speed is directly related to the hydraulic wet kit / hydraulic system that is present on the truck, Our Rear Eject Trailer outperforms all other units by forcibly ejecting all materials, even the stickiest, and reduces carryback, all without raising the trailer, keeping its center of gravity constant and low. Our ejector system increases truck stability with a lower load center, allowing trucks to dump in conditions where standard dump trucks would be unstable and unsafe. Dump on downhill slopes, side slopes, and softer underfoot conditions with confidence.

With its easy in-cab controlled operation, our Rear Eject Trailer spreads material as it ejects, reducing dozing and spreading workloads. The ejector trailer employs PHIL's exclusive ejector guides – no rollers – for fast, smooth, low maintenance ejector operation. Its unique flat floor provides complete material shedding extending floor life.

Designed with a simple hydraulic system, one hydraulic cylinder controls the ejector and tailgate offering the fastest stationary or on-the-go dumping, reducing total haul cycle times. And our Rear Eject Body has only one lubrication point that needs greasing just once a year – no other regular maintenance required.

The PHIL Rear Eject Trailer is your ideal choice to handle haulage challenges associated with large quantities of material movement in road construction, steel mill, refuse and mine reclamation on sites where overhead barriers such as trees, power lines, overpasses, pipelines and conveyors inhibit dumping.

PHIL Rear Eject Trailers fit most makes/models of off-highway trucks and applications.

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