Oil Sands® - Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc.
Our Beloved Pat Hagenbuch 1942 - 2021

hivol® oil sands specialty bodies

PHIL Engineers designed a body specific to the Oil Sands market after spending hundreds of hours at mine sites researching, analyzing and discussing with key-site personnel the unique mining conditions they experience and what it would take to create a true "Oil Sands Specific" truck body.

Includes our integrated patent pending Body Lifting System

Maximizes Payload

Utilizes unique hydrophobic steel to minimize carryback

Engineered for Ultra-Class haul trucks

Purpose Built

Operator Safety "Built In"

Minimizes Loafing

PHIL HiVol® Bodies

Constructed with ultra-high strength, abrasion-resistant steels. Our HiVol bodies are constructed of steel with a nominal Brinnell hardness of 450 - 500 Tuf, but has lower points of carbon than most steel found throughout the world, which provides strength and hardness without being brittle in cold weather climates.

Balanced Load - Our HiVol Bodies for lighter-density materials are engineered to provide an ideal load balance of 1/3 on the front axle and 2/3 on the rear axle or as required by the truck OEM manufacturer.

Today's market demands high-performance equipment to yield maximum productivity and profits. Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc. off-highway truck bodies outperform the rest to keep your operation on track.

With every PHIL truck body, you get:

Maximum Payload

PHIL truck bodies are specifically engineered to minimize body weight and maximize payload. During design, PHIL engineers work with our clients to determine the proper body weight-to-payload ratio as requested by the client. Interested in learning how we maximize the volumetric capacity of our bodies? Learn how we calculate the true volume of a truck body here.

Our Sizing is Legit

The industry uses SAE 2:1, SAE 3:1, or Struck loads as the volumetric capacity measurements to indicate how much of a material is able to be hauled within a truck body. Decades ago, we realized that the SAE volumetric capacity calculations were incorrect and often overestimated what can be hauled in truck bodies by 15% - 20%. To provide our clients with accurate information, we provide SAE volumetric measurements, along with the actual volume they will receive utilizing our patented Load Profiling® process

Safety is Paramount in All Designs

Each truck body is built with the lowest loading height, lowest center of gravity, and best weight distribution possible, which provides excellent stability and safer operation. When body exhaust is requested, we route the exhaust in a way that provides maximum visibility for the driver without the exhaust disrupting their view.

To achieve the best possible opening for a shovel or other loading tool, PHIL HiVol bodies tend to be wider than alternatives, thus providing a larger target for the loader operator, allowing them to place the load into the body as low as possible, further minimizing vibration felt in the drivers' cab.

Unlimited Customization

"Stock design" at PHIL is an oxymoron; each design is custom-engineered for each client based on their needs. We engineer and build truck bodies for virtually any material hauled and for any make/model of off-highway trucks. No matter what your application, we either have designed or will design a truck body that makes the most of your investment dollars.

Incorporated PHIL Technology

Each PHIL HiVol Specialty Body incorporates the following technologies developed at Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc.

  • PHIL Body Lifting System & traditional lifting system
  • Reinforced floor structure that supersedes any other floor standard available
  • Reinforced Body Pivot, providing extended pivot life
  • Rounded body side top cap structures
  • Optional - Perimeter exhaust heating that will not affect the structural integrity of the body