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HiVol® Truck Body Terms and Conditions of Sale


  1. DELIVERIES Shipment of the initial HIVOL unit will be made in accordance with the stated delivery schedule, provided we receive all user specifications and necessary truck manufacturer’s prints on a prompt and timely basis.  Allowance should be made for shipping time and for on-site assembly time for all units shipped unassembled.

    Subsequent units with the same specifications and included on the same purchase order will be shipped at the stated intervals.

    Stated shipping dates are based on our present estimate of the time required to ship after receipt of your written purchase order.  We will endeavor to complete delivery as near the time indicated as possible but will not be responsible for any loss or damage due to our failure to make delivery as stated.

  1. REQUESTED DELIVERY DELAYS When the scheduled shipment is delayed at your request, we will attempt to reschedule shipping at your convenience.  However, prior to shipping commitments may take priority, and we cannot accept responsibility for resulting shipping delays.

    We will build and hold bodies for shipment if a purchaser so requests. This will be done with a carrying charge of 12% per annum.  By use of this provision, a purchaser can ensure that a body will be available at the time needed.

  1. MANUFACTURING SPECIFICATIONS We develop our body design utilizing the most current chassis and body prints available to us from the truck chassis manufacturer.  We cannot accept responsibility for any variations in truck chassis mounts, design, etc., from the truck manufacturer’s specifications we receive.

  1. DESIGN APPROVAL We will, upon request supply a layout drawing of our body and tailgate on the truck chassis as early as practical and no later than 30 days prior to shipment provided we receive all required user and chassis manufacturer’s information.  It is your responsibility to determine from this layout if this body, as designed, will fulfill your requirements.  You will have seven days from the date of the mailing of this drawing to approve the layout or to authorize changes.

    Orders with dimensional limitations and capacity requirements are subject to change following receipt of the order.  This is necessary in order to verify that the required capacity can be obtained utilizing any given dimensional limitations while providing proper tire/axle ratios.

    We strive to approximate the truck chassis manufacturer’s axle weight distribution.  If, therefore, using customer provided dimensional limitations and capacity requirements, we cannot achieve this chassis manufacturer’s weight distribution, we will notify you of the approximate axle load weight distribution we can obtain, and request written authorization that this meets with your approval before proceeding with the manufacture of the body.

  1. ASSEMBLY TIME & INSTALLATION Our estimated field assembly time is based on our experience and the assumption our Field Engineer can be utilized as a working supervisor.  This time is our best estimate and doesn’t reflect any allowance for unusual conditions on the assembly site.

    If factory installation assistance is declined on bodies shipped fully assembled, the purchaser agrees to accept full responsibility for body-to-chassis installation and any required changes thereof.

  1. EXHAUST SYSTEMS Our standard bodies are neither exhaust heated nor exhaust connected. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to modify, by adding muffler or piping, any chassis exhaust system originally installed to accommodate an exhaust heated body.

    Bodies originally ordered optionally exhaust heated can be connected to the truck exhaust system.  We will provide a standard connection to integrate the truck exhaust into the body.  The purchaser is responsible for any final connections between the truck chassis and the body intake exhaust ports.

  1. OPTIONS Mudflap mounts and rock ejector mounts are optional accessories, priced on request.

    We strongly suggest our modified fluidic seal as an accessory on all flyash bodies.

    Body liners of various materials will be supplied on user request to user specifications at our cost (including materials, labor, and engineering) plus 10%.  If engineering is required on such liners, the designs developed may require written approval prior to installation.  We cannot accept responsibility for resulting delays. If your material and/or loading characteristics change over a period of time, body liners may be required at a later date.

  1. BODY PAINTING Unless specifically requested in writing, the inside of all flyash bodies will not be painted or, if painted, given only a light primer coat.

    All bodies are painted the standard chassis manufacturer’s paint color.  For special painting, add 2% of list price; for two-color or special accent, pricing on request.

  1. PURCHASER SUPPLIED PARTS Our design utilizes standard chassis manufacturer hardware. Body hoist pins, pivot pins, rock ejector bars, rubber cushion frame pads, mud flaps, and accessory hardware are the responsibility of the purchaser.


  1. CHASSIS MODIFICATIONS Chassis modifications such as hoist cylinder travel restriction, truck counter balancing, etc., needed to accommodate a center of gravity variance (load and body) for a high volume body from that of a standard body are the responsibility of the purchaser.

  1. OUR IDENTIFYING TRADEMARKS This body being of our design and manufacture has our nameplate and/or trademarks attached to it.  User agrees that these items identifying this unit as of our manufacture will be left on and not removed.  Further, if these nameplates and/or stencils are removed, painted over or obliterated, you will replace them at your sole risk and expense.

  1. OTHER Repairs made by Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc., as a result of user abuse/misuse will be billed at our normal service rates.

    The user must maintain all wear items in top working condition.  For example, the frame pads, pivot bushings, and pins, hoist bushings and pins, etc.

    For repairs that are the responsibility of Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc., the user must supply lifting equipment and welding/cutting equipment as requested.  Equipment must be available and positioned as we request.  Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc., will be paid at our normal service rates for any time spent waiting for requested equipment and/or tools to be made available.

    Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc. reserves the right of approval on any subcontractors, a dealer and/or user hires for body assembly welding.  We will inspect all assembly welds and have the authority to reject any welds found to be unacceptable.


Policy last updated: March 24, 2004

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