hivol® hot slag specialty bodies

PHIL HiVol Hot Slag Bodies are constructed to be durable, long-lasting and high performing. To balance the need for tough, strong materials with light-weight, vehicle wear-reducing features, the HiVol design team combines innovative solutions with available technology, creating an unbeatably tough product.

Legendary Toughness Starts with the Right Design

PHIL Slag Bodies have two distinctive components which include the skeleton structure and the load containing envelope, which the hot slag comes in direct contact with.

Designed to combat Differential Expansion & Contraction

Hot slag will tear most bodies apart because they are not designed to expand or contract; their welds pop, the plates warp and then things start to get ugly. Not with the PHIL Hot Slag Body; it's designed for the Hot Slag environment.

Built for Easy Maintenance

When internal load containing envelope is compromised, individual plates can be changed out easily and cost effectively.

Optional Tailgate for Containment

It's not wise to haul around molten steel that can fall out the back of the truck; cap it off with an authentic PHIL Autogate® Tailgate designed for containing hot slag.

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