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Hot Slag Body
Vehicular body for hauling materials, comprising an external skeletal frame of metal members forming the primary load-bearing structure of the body; a metal lining supported by the skeletal frame and forming the interior surfaces of the body for containing loads of material, the exterior surface of the lining being exposed to the ambient atmosphere through the openings in the skeletal frame; and coupling devices securing the lining to the skeletal frame while permitting relative movement between the lining and the frame so that the lining and the frame can expand and contract differentially without stressing each other.
Filed: 06-28-1982
Issued: 10-02-1984

Hot Slag Body
Filed: 08-16-1984
Issued: 05-02-1989

Body Lifting System
Apparatus and method for safely lifting large off-highway truck bodies while minimizing the stresses on the truck body and on the lifting cables/slings. This lifting apparatus and method incorporate temporary lifting eyes installed through lifting hole receivers in the truck body floor while their strength is gained thru interlocking steel members.
Patent Application: 13/364,223
Filed: 02-01-2012
Issued: Pending

Body Design to Minimize Material Loafing
The adhesion of consolidated mass to the surface of the truck body is minimized and the buildup of "carryback" is effectively prevented during haul cycles with this truck body design for hauling extremely cohesive homogeneous materials such as, but not limited to oil sands. Plus, the body design encourages the breakdown of material as the body is dumped.
Provisional Patent: 13/397,663
Filed: 02-15-2012
Issued: Pending

Material Carryback Solution for Haul Truck Bodies
Invention minimizes debris buildup that often occurs on and in truck bodies.  Hydrophobic and oleophobic materials are used to coat and protect truck bodies to facility the release of debris that otherwise might stick.  This invention is primarily safety oriented to keep material from falling on maintenance personnel.  Secondarily, this invention also increases payload, productivity and maintenance efforts.
Provisional Patent: 13/532,662
Patent Application:06-25-2012
Issued: Pending 


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