High-Capacity Scissors Lift

  • Landfills - Eliminate the transfer station! The PHIL Scissor Lift can be configured to carry your container and dump directly in a railcar or other mode of ongoing transport.
  • Construction - Commercial buildings and infrastructure.
  • Utility, Mechanical, Electrical and Painting Contractors - Work closer to your target.
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities - Ideal workstations for assembly or welding processes.
  • Maintenance - Work Safely! Move up to and repair your equipment without climbing.

PHIL's Scissor Lift is designed with a large platform work area and lift the full capacity of your truck allowing for heavier loads compared to conventional scissor lifts. With this heavy-duty workhorse, you can lift any material or product into place with ease. In fact, where you use the scissor lift is limited only by your imagination. The PHIL Scissor Lift is available for any make and model of off-highway truck.

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